Welcome to West Tennessee GCA

Thanksgiving Week Schedule:
All GCA GYMS Closed Thursday-Sunday…
Keep Practicing & have a Great & Safe Thanksgiving Holiday πŸ¦ƒπŸ€Έ‍β™‚οΈπŸ¦ƒ


For the past 6 years our expenses here at GCA have risen but we have managed to absorb them. Unfortunately, the time has come where we are forced to increase our tuition to help cover the rising costs all around.
Effective April 1, 2022 tuition rates will be raised by $4.00 per child.
New monthly rates:
$64 for one child,
$116 for two children
$160 for three or more.
If you have a grandparent or someone else paying for your child’s gymnastics please notify them of this increase.

New Year with some New Guidelines πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
All GCA Locations will allow one family member (no siblings, extra family or friends) to observe our classes. Seating is reserved for the student/family member to share. The parents area will be cleared out at the 45 minute mark of each class to continue cleaning/disinfecting measures in place.
Students will continue to exit the back of the gym for pickup.

The next class should enter NO EARLIERοΏΌ than 5 MINUTES prior to the their class. Please do not drop off and leave prior to the 5 minute guideline.
This eliminates over crowding in the student/parent area.

GCA CLASSES start back Tuesday, January 4th- Lexington & McKenzie Location! Camden & East Chester start back next Monday, January 10th
If you have any questions, text coach b 731-614-6788
coach Nathan Forsythe

All GCA Gyms & Business Office are closed starting Monday December 20th. Gym & Business Office will reopen Tuesday  January 4πŸŽ„
Merry Christmas & Have A Happy New YearπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Just A Few Reminders:

1. GCA Covid Restrictions are still in place
2. Students may Enter gym 5 minutes before class starts. This allows staff to finish cleaning waiting area and bathrooms .
3. 1 family member per/student and we will ask you to leave 15 minutes prior to the next class…
Again this allows us to start cleaning before the next class enters . PLEASE Do Not Drop Students off 20-30 minutes before their class.
4. Students will continue to Exit out the back door with staff at the end of class.
5. Drink machine is available or you may continue to bring your own. Make sure you drink has a secure top/lid. Fountain drink cups are not recommended. Lids don’t stay on. Too many spilled drinks this summer. Drinks with a cap or yeti type cup preferred.
6. Please No Jewelry
7. Athletic trimmed Finger Nails!
This is mainly directed toward our Middle/ High School Students! This can be Dangerous while spotting a skill.
8. All athletes must wear tennis shoes.. no flip flop, sandals or slip ons.

Thanks coachb


Coach Nathan is available this week for private lessons :
Call/text 1 (901) 326-2685 for appointment.


We are implementing the following Covid-19 safety procedures to keep our staff and students healthy.                                                                                                                                                             
* Only @ McKenzie Armory will Temperature Checks be done per Armory Guidelines.                                


Coaches will take their own temperatures and do self-screening prior to entering facility. They will wear a mask or cloth face covering when in close proximity to students.

Parents are required to check athletes for a temperature and other Covid-19 symptoms prior to class:
If exhibiting any of the following symptoms, athlete must stay home:
* If temperature of 100.4 or above
* If athlete has been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days
* If athlete is experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, sore throat or a new loss of taste or smell
* If athlete has had a fever in the last 48 hours

Social distancing:
1. We ask that parents to assist their athletes in spacing out upon entering facility (not all storm door at once)
2. **ONLY ATHLETES permitted to enter at this time with the EXCEPTION of PRESCHOOL CLASS - (1 parent may accompany each child)
3. 6’ apart strip markings will be placed on tumbling floor to help athletes maintain social distancing
4. Marked spots for preschool parents to sit
5. Separate entrance and exit for students

1. Athletes and coaches are required to sanitize hands upon entering and exiting the gym.
2. All equipment will be santized with cdc approved solution prior to class
3. All high touch areas will be sanitized prior to GCA leaving facility.

**All students will be required to bring own marked water bottle **

Coach B

First, THANK YOU to everyone who has and continues to work together by adjusting normal life activities with the shared goal of combating this pandemic. We would not have made it this far without everyone's willingness to play an important role. We are excited, to say the least, with the phased reopening of businesses for the nation at large and our facility specifically.

However, the importance of respecting social conditions is not over. Although anxious to reopen, GCA will carefully transition back into offering our standard programs with a mindset of caution and flexibility. Appropriate to our environment, we are committed to continuing safe social practices and effective sanitization.

Beginning Tuesday, May 19th, we will begin offering your March makeup classes. It is imperative that your child attend the class day and time that you are enrolled in as to not overload any one class. We anticipate June 1st as our official return to class schedule and automatic payment system. We understand some families may not yet be comfortable returning and we want to accommodate that decision. If that is the case, we ask that you complete and submit a stop draft form available under the forms section of our website westtennesseegca.com prior to Tuesday, May 26th. This form can be mailed to GCA, P.O. Box 364, Lexington, TN 38351 or sent via text message to 731-614-6788.

Listed below are some key changes and practices we have highlighted expecting GCA staff and families to respect. We will be posting a video on our Facebook by the end of the week outlining some of the steps taken in order to comply with the Governor’s Tennessee Pledge guidelines for re-opening safely.

It is imperative that we do things right by following the guidelines outlined below in order to continue having classes. Things may look a little different for a while, due to the social distancing guidelines, but there is plenty we can be doing to get stronger, more flexible and increase our tumbling skills.

In order for us to begin our Phase 1 of reopening there are some health and safety guidelines we ask staff, parents and students to follow:
1. Please check temperatures prior to coming into the gym. If temperature is over 100 degrees, please stay home.
2. If you or your child have been around anyone who has been sick, please stay home.
3. Wash hands for at least 20 seconds immediately upon entering the gym. Maintain 6’ social distancing (There will be marks on the floor to assist with this.) Hand sanitizer stations are also set up to use throughout class time as necessary.
4. Please park in the front and wait for GCA staff to open the door. A GCA staff person will be positioned at the front door to signal students to enter and assist with hand washing/sanitation. Be sure students do not all rush to the door all at once but space out entering the gym so we can maintain the 6’ social distancing required.

(PRESCHOOL CLASS PARENTS ONLY, due to social distancing guidelines, we ask that if your child is one to wander or not able to follow specific directions and stay in place, we ask that 1 parent accompany that child throughout the class).
5. After you have dropped off your student, please park behind the building as students will be exiting through the back door in order to avoid cross-over traffic at the front door.
6. Bring your own personally marked water bottle. We have temporarily closed our drinking fountain and drink machine.

In order to keep our staff and students safe we have implemented additional cleaning and sanitizing routines recommended by the CDC and our local health department.

Staff will be wearing masks. Students are not required to wear a mask, but if you are more comfortable with them wearing one they certainly can.

Students will enter through the front door and exit through the back door in order to cut down on cross-over traffic.

If you have to cough or sneeze, please do so in your elbow, shirt sleeve or tissue and use hand sanitizer provided.

It is our hope that by everyone adhering to these Phase 1 guidelines, we will be able to continue our reopening phases, and slowly be able to relax some of the guidelines when appropriate and safe to do so.

We appreciate your cooperation and support as we try to get back in the gym. Let’s all do our our part to keep each other safe so that we can continue to get through this together.

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 LEXINGTON Monday-Saturday, HENDERSON (only on Mondays), CAMDEN (only on Mondays)  & MCKENZIE (only on Tuesdays)


 We provide a FUN, SAFE, and PRODUCTIVE environment for youths in our community and surrounding areas, by way of recreational  gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, and cheerleading. GCA is also home to the oldest and most successful competitive cheer program.  Maintaining integrity, and focusing on becoming strong in all ages and levels of tumbling and cheer, GCA has implemented a true athletic and business atmosphere for gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer. Our PASSION  for coaching and training todays youths in a positive environment, while putting emphasis on family is our mission. Our program is very well structured. THE BEST COACHING-STUDENT RATIO!  


GCA BIRTHDAY PARTIES A MUST!!!  $250 Birthday Party Fee, 2 COACHES, 16 CHILDREN MAX....obstacle courses. zip line, inflatable slide and trampolines, cargo net, in-ground trampolines, pit races and more,,, CALL 731-614-6788 TO SCHEDULE YOUR CHILDS PARTY. PARTIES ARE BOOKED IN ADVANCE UP TO 8 WEEKS ONLY ON SATURDAYS 1-2:30 OR 4-5:30.